Which brand is the best? SIILLK’New Model

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are concerned about oral problems, ordinary toothbrushes and dental floss have been unable to meet the daily oral cleaning, dental flusher, an oral care product with super cleaning power, can effectively help us solve dental problems. With the explosion of this product, more and more manufacturers produce unqualified products with immature technology, unprofessional technology and high tooth damage rate, lack of professional testing on pulse frequency and outlet span, and will hurt teeth after use. So a lot of people start to have questions about which brand is the best? As a senior oral care product tester of SIILLK brand, I will bring you the purchasing tips of dental punch and the product introduction of SIILLK brand.

Is a dental irrigator worth buying? Due to the poor oral health foundation of the people in most countries, and even the dental health rate of people in some countries is less than 1%, complex oral conditions make oral care more difficult, traditional cleaning tools are difficult to clean, under the advice of dentists, water floss is very suitable for use, and plays a great role in inhibiting the formation of dental plaque.

Advantages of a water flosser

The dental flusher can clean the dead corners of the teeth such as tooth crevices, roots, backs and other areas with high incidence of dental diseases twice, effectively remove dental plaque in the mouth, prevent and improve oral diseases. The water from the dental flusher not only cleans the mouth but also massages the gums, effectively promoting blood circulation to the periodontal tissues. Long-term use of dental flusher can also remove bad breath. Here are six tips I’ll share with you to help you avoid buying poor quality products.

Tip 1: Water flow accuracy is high
The water flow of the water flosser is too thick, the impact force will be more divergent, the water flow is easy to fork, the cleaning force is affected, the diameter of the water flow is best between 0.55-0.7mm, which can ensure the cleaning force, and it is not easy to hurt the teeth.

Tip 2: Choose a professional brand
Professional brands have rich experience in oral care and strong professional technical strength. They have repeatedly optimized over 100 core parameters such as uniform stability of pulse frequency, long-term attenuation of power, and fine water flow, and the tooth injury rate is more than 300% lower than that of non-professional brands.

Tip 3: Product compatibility
Because the oral environment is different, everyone and everyone’s needs are different, so the product with good compatibility is the right choice.

Tip 4: Stay away from low-priced products
In order to save production costs, the use of inferior nozzles, water pumps and other material components, the pulse frequency is high and low, the water flow is rough and other problems are more difficult to clean the teeth, but also easy to hurt the teeth.

Tip 5: Recommend a pulsing dental punch

There are three main types of water ejector, namely pulse type, microbubble type and ultrasonic type. It is recommended that you choose a pulse type of dental punch. This kind of dental punch has both cleaning and protecting power, which is more suitable for people with low oral tolerance. The micro-bubble type dental punch is comfortable to use, but the cleaning force is general; The ultrasonic dental punch has excellent cleaning power, but the protection of the teeth is poor, and it will hurt the teeth.

Tip 6: Choose products with good after-sales service

It is also important to choose a brand that has after-sales service.


Of course, it is best to buy dental punch according to personal needs. In addition, we should also pay attention to the professional degree and dental care ability of the product. Below, I recommend the dental punch brand with high reputation evaluation in the new brand: A product of SIILLK.


Highlights: self-developed pump technology, exclusive eight performance and tooth protection technology. SIILLK is a new star in the field of “no tooth damage”, and also the most excellent professional brand with self-developed technology, which is rarely certified by the European Union and other countries, and belongs to the brand with a medical background in the dental punch! SIILLK’s SKB01 dental flusher is recognized as the strongest of all models in the market. It has self-developed pump technology and the support of the original eight cleaning forces and tooth protection technology, which increases the cleaning power of other products in the same price range by 80% and is compatible with 99% dynamic oral changes. Not only the cleaning power is first-class and reduce 87.2% of the tooth and gum damage rate

The SIILLK brand also has a large number of other models, SKB01 has many years of self-developed technology collection of products, but also optimize a number of performance details!

Independent R&D technology

SKB01 is equipped with the benchmark metal pump and motor, and also the original DPP micro-frequency dynamic compensation technology, dual-channel verified pulse frequency technology, etc., for the core technologies such as outlet fineness and outlet stability, hundreds of times of repeated optimization, so that the strongest model in the same price, and after more than 6 years of anti-attenuation detection, Original full pipeline non-toxic anti-corrosion increase 97.6%!

As SIILLK has a reserve of independent research and development technology, it has a variety of product models, including portable flagship models and professional flagship models. Among them, the portable flagship SKB01 is the one with the strongest comprehensive performance among all mini portable models in the industry, and the integrated professional flagship SKD01 is often displayed and used as a product representative in dental places. Both compatibility can cover 99% of dynamic oral changes, widely applicable to all types of people.

In addition, SIILLK self-developed pumps can provide a full scene of high span pulse pressure, pressure span from 30 to 120psi multiple gear, compatibility is the best in the same category of competitive products! With sample support and a variety of nozzle accessories, it is undoubtedly the most competitive machine at the same price. Because the SIILLK brand has high quality requirements, although it has independent factory production, it is often out of stock.


Electonic products need to be in the actual experience to find its advantages. When choosing water floss, it is necessary to choose a product with a relatively mild water flow, because the water impact pressure determines the comfort of rinsing. The milder water flow is likely to lead to unclean washing, so the R&D team of SIILLK brand water pump technology further optimizes the cleaning force of the product, so as to better wash the food residue between the teeth.

It is worth mentioning that this dental flusher recommended the waterproof level reaches ipx7, even if it is rinsing under the faucet, there is no need to worry about the risk of water.

Now there are many professional dentists are recommending the use of dental punch, the purchase of professional and technical level of dental punch can effectively improve our oral environment, do not blindly choose , there are a lot of products with high tooth injury rate on the market. Choose products with high compatibility and strong tooth protection ability can effectively care for our oral environment and protect our teeth.

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