Meet Your Needs

Oral products solutions for the opportunities and challenges.


For Oral Care Industry

SIILLK is committed to expanding our factory and manufacturing base to offer concrete solutions that will help you successfully overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing in boosting your oral business.

Product Design

Coming with a singular idea to a fully realizable sample.

Research & Development

Work with our R&D team to develop special product function or packages for customer


High clean dust production workshop, the daily output of more than 500 units


Solutions In Details

Produce According To Your Needs

We design, develop and manufacture products according to market and customer needs. We also provide OEM/ODM customized products for world-famous brands.

Rapid sample manufacturing

Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, 3d printing
reduces the cycle and cost of sample trial production and small batch production. The fastest 7 days to complete the sample.

Private Mold Production

Customize the unique style of the customer, which can quickly occupy the market share. Its own 1000㎡ mold workshop and injection molding team, more than 60 injection molding machines.

Appearance Processing

Surface treatments: oil injection, laser carving, electroplating, silk screen, pad printing oxidation, electrophoresis, thermal transfer, water transfer, in-film injection molding, encapsulation.

Fast Production & Delivery

The production line is divided into assembly production line, quality inspection group, packaging workers, automated packaging machines, standardized, and material supply.

Perfect Supply Chain, Factory Direct Sales

Buy our products (electric toothbrushes, water flossers) at the lowest prices and sell them under your brand. We can provide diversified solutions, which is a good entrepreneurial opportunity.

Various shapes and complete types

Our products include nearly 10 kinds of products, any color, any packaging service.

Independent research and development

A team of professional designers and engineers will work hard to create your own products. It can keep you away from homogenous competition, and it can also make the world famous brands within reach.

Creative Solutions

We can provide a complete set of ODM products and manufacturing solutions designed for you according to your needs.
Or according to your design drawings to carry out OEM customized production of products.


Samples before Bulk Order

e have a wide selection of oral product styles that we can show you on site, working with SIILLK, from proofing to batch, you just need to confirm

Contact our sales team directly and we will get back to you in a few minutes!

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