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A Guide made by our team to help you better start order Water flosser and electric toothbrush products.

Ordering Water flosser and electric toothbrush products for your brand is a big decision.

If you are starting to wonder how to produce your Water flosser and electric toothbrush products wisely, we’re here to help.

Our first-time buyer’s resources will help you understand the different types of Water flosser and electric toothbrush products, answer the most common private label questions, and provide tips on how to order the best Water flosser and electric toothbrush products decision for your company or brand.

You can even prepare for your first phone call with our specialists to get product samples for your start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’re a factory of teeth whitening products. Because of our production lines and in-house service team, we help countless large to small businesses to manufacture their teeth whitening products. For fresh starters, it can save more budget when cooperating with us with factory-direct supplies, free samples, and competitive prices.

There is no quick, easy answer to this question. Private label teeth whitening products are customer specific, so hitting “standard pricing” is often impractical.

Pricing depends largely on your unique requirements: the product you want, how customized you want it to be, your packaging style and size, and how quickly you need your product delivered.

Generally speaking, the more complex, customized, or high-speed the packaging process, the more you’ll have to pay.

All you need to send us is your logo file. We have many pre-designed box styles ready to demo with your logo, such as classic boxes, boutique gift boxes, or aluminum bags.

Of course it would be much better to send us your owned packaging design file.

SIILLK offers a variety of teeth whitening products to suit almost any need.
At present, we mainly provide electric toothbrushes, water flossers, and related accessories. Electric toothbrush and water flosser products can be completely customized to your brand for fast results within hours.

We also offer water flosser and electric toothbrush sets and all-in-one machines as well as related accessories. Water flossers easily and effectively clean your customers’ teeth in just minutes. It can be a beneficial first step in teeth whitening or a good follow-up step to professional teeth whitening to maintain the results for as long as possible.

Another category of teeth whitening products we offer are electric toothbrushes. They come in different designs and technologies, and can be used with products such as activated charcoal or PAP to effectively clean teeth.

Finally, we offer teeth whitening mouthwashes that are very popular today. Used in conjunction with our designed water flosser, with just one drop of concentrated mouthwash added to 15ml of water, the active ingredients of PAP/PAP+ will exert their power, producing powerful whitening and antibacterial tooth growth effects.

SIILLK is a factory manufacturer, which means we can manufacture, package, deliver and develop new products from our factory for all types of customers.

The short answer is “always, yes”. SIILLK welcomes customizing your products to suit different sales strategies and customers.

Longer answer: Sometimes a one-size-fits-all product isn’t the best option. Today we can see many electric toothbrush sets and other products that look almost the same if we ignore their logos. The more diverse your needs are, the more meaningful it will be to catch your customers’ attention. If your needs are diverse, we have a full team to help you adjust costs, processes, and even marketing strategies.

Don’t worry, we totally understand. 70% of our clients don’t have a plan of their own. This is why we welcome customers to use the technologies and products we develop. Just ask our experts for configuration recommendations and custom parts to get your unique product quickly and easily.

4 Top Resources

First-time buyer information.

Questions to Prepare for

Fair warning: To ensure the teeth whitening products are ideal for your busines, we typically prepare a bunch of questions asked by most starters. Get ahead of the game! Browse a list of common questions to get started on the road to teeth business success.

Before Requesting Pricing

Think it’s time to contact a teeth whitening manufacturer for pricing? First, take some time to make sure the high-level parameters of your project are defined. Read about a guide to choose a qualified teeth oral care products manufacturer as part of your proposal.

Prepare your Order

What does it take to get your order ready for new teeth whitening product lines? Probably more than you think. But breathe easy, we’ve compiled a simple list of things to consider when prepping your first order with your manufacturer.

Verifications Don't lie

Investigating your manufacturer takes a little work, but there is no better way to figure out if the company or product is in certifications and verifications to be a good investment for your business. Check the certifications must-have to be a qualified supplier.

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