For Our Oral Tomorrow

Bring beauty accessible to everyone in the world.

Wish Everyone A Happy & Smiling Future

Smiles belong to everyone, no matter what we look like, whether rich or poor. With this belief, the SIILLK team is always committed to developing and manufacturing the next generation of the best oral care products.

We offer home and personal teeth whitening products in the form of water flossers, electric toothbrushes and related accessories. Our own branded and custom-made products remove years of stains caused by alcohol, coffee and smoking.

Products of Highest Quality

We provide the highest quality dental production to restore health and achieve a lasting, naturally beautiful smile.

Because listening well to your desires and concerns is one of the first things we do at each appointment, and because we take an individualized approach to each client’s specification, you can trust us to address your goals for your brands. We hope you will take joy in what we can achieve together.

Always New Expertise

Our experts continually pursue postdoctoral education to develop new expertise and stay abreast of advancing materials, technology, and methods.

Our office and production team members are given learning opportunities to develop their individual skills and to develop highly effective care knowledge. This environment of proactive learning guides our expertise with clients.


Samples before Bulk Order

We have a wide selection of oral product samples to help reinforce the benefits of partnering with SIILLK – we invite you to request our samples to help you demonstrate in practice.

Contact our sales team directly and we will get back to you in minutes!

Work with A Teeth Whitening Factory Trusted by 3000+ Brands & Dentists