Production Solutions for Brands

By owning our China factory we are able to ensure quality by owning the entire process, from sourcing the best materials to directly shipping our products to your company. That means we can continually innovate to make your teeth whitening products even better.

Our Facilities in China

SIILLK’ head office/factory in China is our production base as well as our R&D center. We also conduct various tests for our customers in our test laboratory.

  • Total area: 4000 ㎡
  • Net floor area: 40,000 ㎡ (factory, stores and offices)
  • Current production capacity: 50,000 /month
  • Maximum production capacity in 2021: 10,000 /month

Creating a New Standard

By owning one of the best Water flosser and electric toothbrush factories we’re able to break the decades-long cycle of overcost and overcharging and do things the SIILLK’s way–focused on high quality, fair prices and customer satisfaction.

Production Solutions

What We Do

Product and Package Development

Filling and Assembly

New technology research and development

“Factory is the foundation of premium manufacturing. We create everything from ground up to ensure the exact quality you expect.’

– Louis, CEO

Manufacturing excellence

Our custom factories are designed to produce new levels of sustainable products. Features such as self-developed water pumps and motors can achieve powerful cleaning effects. Self-developed means maximizing the capabilities of the product. Detailed figures show that the new SIILLK technology is able to produce more and better products per hour. With the latest machines, we can now also achieve other categories of teeth whitening.

Improving people's lives by delivering meaningful innovation

Every year, SIILLK takes out a fixed budget for the research and development center as funds in new technologies, new functions and other special research. SILLK combining Eastern and Western ideas and innovation, as well as domestic and international experience, never stop seeking technological advancement, managing with advanced product and project management to achieve customers up most satisfaction.

Product Industrial Design

we developed 20 models of water flosser products. And also help our customers’ tailor-made products. Risun satisfied with the praise of many well-known companies in the world. We’re fascinated by the creative and intellectual challenges facing the physical design industry, chose us now in creating the future.

Structure Design

Starting from the initial stage of product design, if the customer provides design drawings, related patent avoidance will be carried out when designing the product due to infringement, cost and production. Trust is critical when dealing with clients’ intellectual property or sensitive technology. At SIILLK, we specialize in providing product design services for product categories where our clients place a high priority on protecting their intellectual property rights. When customers collaborate with SIILLK on designs, they get to market faster, at lower cost and at a higher level of quality than they could consistently achieve on their own.

Electronics Design

years of product custom experience, professional design of water flosser, providing all-round design strategic planning solutions With product design as the core, we are committed to innovative services, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and create brand influence

software design

SIILLK has advanced software design capabilities, such as water pump design, pressure control, intelligent display, charging-related technologies, etc. Among them, the pressure control function can control the spray pressure of the nozzle through the program to define the cleaning power more carefully.

Packaging Design

We use our perfect design creativity and excellent execution ability, and provide you with design services consistent with your brand with a unique cost-effective scheme, so as to meet the needs of customers for the continuous improvement of the market and brand construction

Plastic Tooling

We have veteran designer in tooling design in order to meet the requirements of the mold.

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