How to choose water flosser? Come along with me

Hello, everyone, I am the chief product tester of SIILLK, and this time I will bring you a variety of water flosserer test methods. In this article, we will test the product through the work details, water storage capacity, noise, water flow impact, cleaning effect and other dimensions, and choose the most suitable water flosserer.

Also known as water flosser, a machine that flushes food from between teeth which works like a miniature water gun. At present, the water flosserer is divided into desktop and portable, and portable is mainly used by most of people. However, the same as a portable water flosserer, the effect of different products is also relatively different.

Test method for selecting water flosserer

1. Appearance details

In terms of workmanship, different brands of the appearance of the control details are also different, if the appearance can see the rough mold line, long-term use may lead to water conditions, thus affecting the life of the machine.

If the overall workmanship of a brand’s products is excellent, and even the use of laser integrated assembly, almost no closing line can increase the life of the product, save the real cost of the product, so that customers can use a longer time.So don’t just look at the price when buying a dental flusher. Exterior workmanship needs attention.

2. Size& weight

Among the many water flosserer products, the size of the detachable  model is the smallest, which is very prominent in going out and carrying, and the weight is also small, but the tank capacity is less,the model SK-CYQ-B  is good, it also has 180ml in terms of tank capacity, and the advantage is that the portability and capacity achieve a better balance. If it is an integrated water flosser product, the size is the largest, and the larger size affects the carrying out.

The material used in the water flosser itself is related to technology, and the weight and quality of the fuselage are not too much related, and the heavier the weight, the better the quality. If there is a need to go out, you can consider a smaller size and light weight style.

3.Noise decibels

In the daily use of teeth, my personal habits, for example, when I get up in the morning to brush my teeth but my family may not get up. When I brush my teeth and go to bed at night, however,my family goes to sleep. Therefore, the noise of the water flosserer will affect other people, so the noise is also an important factor of the water flosserer.

Noise level testing, generally speaking, most of products on the market are in line with the standard, there will be no exceedance of the situation. However, according to the actual use process, the smaller the noise, the smaller the probability of affecting others.

4.Flow impact force

Water flow impact force is one of the core indicators of the water flosserer, if the water pressure is too high at the lowest gear, it is unfriendly to the teeth sensitive population, which may lead to its inability to use. On the contrary, if the water pressure is too low at the maximum gear, the oral gap residue may not be cleaned. When choosing a water flosser, you should choose a water flosser with stable water pressure at the water line to meet different daily use scenarios

Water flow distribution pressure refers to the highest output pressure and the lowest output pressure of the dental floss product. This time I will teach two methods that can be used to test the water flow pressure of the dental floss product on a daily basis: the direct electronic weighing mode of the dental floss and the moving distance of the water bottle.

The principle of direct beam electronic scale is to use the pressure exerted by water pressure on the electronic scale to simulate the impact force, the higher the water pressure, the higher the pressure exerted on the electronic scale, and the lower the vice versa.

Operation method: Nozzle 45 degrees in the face of the electronic scale, 50cm away, continuous spraying for 5 seconds, and finally record the value of the electronic scale.

The water bottle moving distance test is to spray the water bottle containing a certain weight through the standard gear of the water flosserer and measure its moving distance. The greater the distance, the greater the power reserve. On the contrary, it proves that the power reserve is weak.

5.Cleaning effect

Want to intuitively see the cleaning effect of water flosser products, you can choose dentures and teeth are very similar to corn, to simulate the cleaning effect, the uneven surface of corn and teeth are very similar, if there is food debris trapped in the toothbrush is more difficult to brush out, very suitable for observing the cleaning ability of the water flosserer.

First, spread peanut butter evenly on the denture and test it through the standard model.       

By comparing the dentures with the corn test, you can clearly see whether the cleaning effect of the water flosser product you buy can achieve the deep cleaning effect. Another consideration is that although the water flosser product is clean, it cannot harm the teeth as a prerequisite, so we can simulate the way we use the teeth flusher every day, and use the standard mode to wash the corn for 2 minutes. Then put it under an electron microscope 500 times larger or use a high magnifying glass to look at it and draw conclusions. With a high cleaning power while not causing damage to the impact of the teeth, this must be the brand has the advantage of high-frequency voltage regulation technology.


This article is mainly to share the various ways we can use to identify whether a product is suitable when we buy water flosser products on a daily basis.

SIILLK has the ability that independently develop pump technology, our high frequency pressure regulation technology performance is very eye-catching, under the support of high frequency pressure regulation system, our products can meet the deep cleaning protection and gum protection, the actual effect is far beyond expectations. And most of the products have multi-gear mode, different mode functions can meet the needs of different scenarios. In addition, we have the high-frequency voltage stabilizer system and water line convergence, the two most front-end technology of the water flosserer, we are also very cost-effective in price (we have independent research and development and independent production capabilities, can provide wholesale and customized services), you know that other brands have a single technology of high-frequency voltage stabilizer system products are very high in price.

In terms of the selection of water flosserer, we believe that we should choose a well-made water flosserer that can deeply clean the mouth without damaging the teeth.

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