Which brand of water flosser is the best ? 100%recommendation!!

The world is now suffering from dental diseases more and more people, so the use of water flosser is also higher and higher, and the hot product has led to a lot of poor workmanship, lack of professional technical training, poor compatibility and other products on the market. If you buy such a water flosser, it will not only have a general cleaning effect, but also cause damage to the mouth. So what’s the best brand? How to choose? As a senior oral hygienist, I will share with you the high-score models of SIILLK brand on this topic.

Is it necessary for ordinary people to use water flossers? At present, the feedback on the market is: the demand for high-quality water flosser is very strong, according to the latest data, about 700 million people in the world have dental diseases, traditional dental tools are difficult to meet everyone’s oral cleaning needs, people are in urgent need of more efficient dental tools, so professional dentists recommend to use water flosser.

The use of dental flushes can effectively remove dirt and plaque from the surface of the teeth, which can achieve the effect that a toothbrush cannot completely clean. The use of dental flushes can bring a deep cleaning effect to our mouth, which can reduce the occurrence of oral diseases, in addition to promoting the blood circulation of the gums, preventing gum bleeding and other problems. For orthodontic people, the use of water flosser can also relieve the pressure brought by braces and braces to the gums, reduce the rate of gum bleeding, and make teeth healthier. In addition, teeth flusher can whiten teeth, freshen breath, and avoid social awkwardness.

How to choose the right water flosser?

What brand is good? How to choose the right water floss product? If you know the benefits of water flosser, but do not know how to choose the right product to buy. If the lack of professional purchasing knowledge is easy to buy inferior products, we can refer to the following summary of the dental instrument purchase strategy.

1. Choose products with good after-sales service

After-sales service can not be ignored, it is recommended to buy the brand that can guarantee or return the product, replace the nozzle price with the appropriate dentifier brand, although some brands can guarantee or return, but really need to return and replace, but have to pay the cost of the nozzle, this brand’s after-sales service is poor, we should pay attention to the identification.

2.Choose a professional manufacturer

Technical strength is an important indicator to measure product quality, manufacturers with technical strength have rich experience in oral care data and technical precipitation, invest a lot of money in R & D every year, and will do repeated adjustments to optimize the balance of water gram, power long-term attenuation and water accuracy and other hundreds of core parameters, only the tooth injury rate is 300% lower than the unprofessional brand! Therefore, we must choose a brand with independent research and development team and technology. (Learn about SIILLK’s R&D capabilities)

3.Recommend a pulsing water flosser

There are three main types of water ejector, namely pulse type, microbubble type and ultrasonic type. It is recommended that you choose a pulse type of water flosser. This kind of water flosser has both cleaning and protecting power, which is more suitable for people with low oral tolerance. The micro-bubble type water flosser is comfortable to use, but the cleaning force is general; The ultrasonic water flosser has excellent cleaning power, but the protection of the teeth is poor, and it will hurt the teeth.

4.Water flow accuracy
The water flow of the tooth punch is too thick, the impact force will be more divergent, the water flow is easy to fork, the cleaning force is affected, the diameter of the water flow is best between 0.55-0.7mm, which can ensure the cleaning force, and it is not easy to hurt the teeth

5.Consider product compatibility

Different oral conditions require different cleaning patterns and intensity. Therefore, it is very important to choose a compatible dentifier that can adapt to different oral environments and provide better cleaning effect.

6.Choose models with large tank capacity

The use time of the water flosser directly affects the use of convenience, and it is best to choose products with a use time of more than 1 minute 20 seconds. If the capacity of the water tank is too small, we have to frequently inject water into it when we use it, not only the operation is very troublesome, but also the same position can lead to tooth damage.

Recommended product

If you have questions about the selection skills of the above water flosser, you can take a look at the products I recommend, this model is carefully selected from many products in the SIILLK brand


Highlights: self-developed pump technology, exclusive eight performance and tooth protection technology. SIILLK is a new star in the field of “no tooth damage”, and also the most excellent professional brand with self-developed technology, which is rarely certified by the European Union and other countries, and belongs to the brand with a medical background in the water flosser! SIILLK’s SKD01 dental flusher is recognized as the strongest of all models in the market. It has self-developed pump technology and the support of the original eight cleaning forces and tooth protection technology, which increases the cleaning power of other products in the same price range by 80% and is compatible with 99% dynamic oral changes. Not only the cleaning power is first-class and reduce 87.2% of the tooth and gum damage rate.

The SIILLK brand also has a large number of other models, SKB01 has many years of self-developed technology collection of products, but also optimize a number of performance details!


There are many home models on the market, which may make it difficult for you to choose a product. As long as you keep in mind the  ways summarized in this article, you will be able to choose the right water floss product for you.

The advantages of SKD01 products, this model is the same price of products in the comprehensive performance and cost performance of one of the best models!

You should know that there are many products with the same configuration on the market, and the price is extremely high.

The advantages of SKD01 can be summarized as follows:

First, under the premise of excellent cleaning power, it has the lowest tooth injury rate in 1,000 RNB.

Second, it has the widest water pressure range across 30-120psi, with 5 special nozzles, the best compatibility.

Third, its water tank capacity is the largest in similar products, up to 350ml, and time-consuming flushing scenarios can also be met.

The SIILLK brand has a large number of models for you to choose from, and its portable flagship model is the most effective and comprehensive performance of all products; This is regarded as a recommendation, of course, their compatibility is very good, can respond to 99% of oral changes.

Finally, we suggest to choose a professional water flosser with professional technical adjustment and strong technical strength, so as to help us do a good job in daily oral cleaning and care. Those brand products with insufficient technical strength have a high rate of tooth injury and are not recommended for purchase.

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