Which is better, Desktop water flosser or portable?

Oral cleaning must be considered under the premise of protecting the gums.In the cleaning of teeth, the cleaning force is sorted as follows: electric toothbrush > Ordinary toothbrush >The water flosser

A lot of people will ask, so why do you need a water flosser?

The reason why I love the waterflosser is that the use of the oral irrigator after brushing the electric toothbrush can also flush out the physical residue, it is for cleaning interdental residue!Interdental residue is not removed, fermented in the mouth.

Brushing with a toothbrush can often only clean the stains on the surface of the teeth, but there is still a lot of residue between the teeth, inside the teeth, and under the gums. They are the root of dental and oral problems, and over time will breed bacteria, bad breath, and even inflammation and toothache.

Cleaning power Cleaning power is naturally the most important standard to measure the performance of the water flosser. The factors affecting the cleaning power include the long-term attenuation of pulse frequency, the accuracy of outlet grams, the delicacy and concentration of water flow, etc.

  Long-term attenuation power: there are two forms of attenuation, one is that with the increase of use time, the pump is insufficient due to aging, resulting in weak cleaning power; The second is that the power output attenuates during a single use, which often occurs on inferior teeth punches. The greater the water pressure, the easier it is to rinse, but too much water pressure is easy to damage the mouth, generally in the range of 40-90psi. Spray mode Pulse mode is recommended. Water frequency choose more than 1200Hz is better.

SIILLK Water flosser uses intelligent pressure regulation technology to ensure continuous and stable water pressure output.

Water flow fineness: If the water flow of the dental punch is fine and can be maintained throughout the process, there will be a high cleaning efficiency. On the contrary, if the water flow is strong or bifurcation occurs, the cleaning efficiency will naturally be reduced. SIILLK 0.66mm fine water impact teeth, remove more than 80% of the tooth residue.

  Outlet gram accuracy: If a single outlet can not be maintained, it will make the water impact fluctuate, not only reduce the cleaning efficiency, but also increase the risk of tooth injury.

The more the water pressure adjustment gear, the better, which is especially important for people who have not used the dental punch and sensitive teeth, the use of the dental punch requires a process of adaptation, at least 3 modes .

Choose desktop or portable?mainly look at the following two points:

1.If you use a lot of outside, don’t hesitate,choose portable water flosser.

2.If you are at home, choose portable or desktop?

Use at home as long as you consider whether there is a suitable charging location at home: the use of the table depends on a fixed power supply, and it cannot be used if there is no power supply near the basin. Portable in this regard to be more flexible, as long as the full charge can not be restricted by the place.

Below I will list the advantages and disadvantages of these two, I believe that you will be able to choose the best for you after reading it.

Table typeLarge water tank capacitySupports multiple water pressure modesMany nozzlesSupports multiple usersIt needs to be plugged inLarge volumeInconvenient to carryHigher priceLoud noise
PotableSmall, light, easy to carryRechargeable usewashableLow in priceLow noiseWater tank capacity is small,Most of the water pressure gears are 2 to 3

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