How about using water flosser like Siillk?

Water flosser, like SIILLK’s, uses a high-pressure electric pump to create a pulse of water that washes away food debris and plaque from your teeth. It can make it easier for people who need to use oral hardware or have a hard time flossing to keep their teeth healthy.

Compared with normal floss, the characteristics of water floss are obvious. Especially suitable for people with dental implants, orthodontics or limited range of hand motion, it can be very convenient to clean the mouth and teeth by using water floss.

Who is Siillk?

Siillk is a new generation of oral irrigator brands that strive for human oral health. Water flosser is mainly used to remove food between the teeth by spraying water or dental cleaner. For those who are unable to use traditional floss, which requires string-like material to be threaded between the teeth, it may be a good option. Because the birth of water flosser is to make it easier for us to clean the teeth , so that we can live a healthier life.

How to use it?

You might consider using water flosser as an alternative to traditional toothbrushes and floss. But it is also recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. When you start using water flosser, simply fill the floss tank with warm water (cold water ) and then place the tip of the floss in your mouth as close to the sink as possible to avoid staining the floor.

Turn on the switch and the water will hit the teeth in a steady pulse to clean them. Hold the handle with the tip at a 90 degree Angle to the teeth for best results.

When using water floss, you should focus on the top of the teeth, the gum line, the space between each tooth, and the back of the teeth  The whole process takes about 2 minutes. After use, please empty the tank of excess water and keep the tank dry to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Why water flosser ?

Everyone’s mouth is a container for bacteria. The mouth feels very fresh after each brush, but when we stop to rinse, the bacteria in the mouth begin to rebuild the surface destroyed by the toothbrush.If not cleaned regularly, that layer of bacteria will stay there. The longer it stays there, the more mature it will become. The more it matures, the stickier and harder it is to remove, and it also continues to produce “an acids that cause tooth decay, and other toxins that cause inflammation of the gums and lead to gum disease.Brushing effectively scrapes away this coating so that the bacteria have to constantly start over. But this only covers the surface that the toothbrush can reach. To remove bacteria from between teeth, alternative methods must be used, otherwise they will continue to accumulate largely undisturbed.

Therefore, water flosser is the first choice to complement the toothbrush to clean the teeth.

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