How about the quality of SIILLK water flosser?Evaluate by details

With the changes of  the times, our pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and oral hygiene has become an important part of a healthy life. Recently, the new star brand SIILLK’s first sonic micro-bubble water floss has attracted wide attention. The use of this technology, with its unique features and excellent performance, allows people to re-examine the way of daily oral care. Today, I will share the real experience of one of the SKD01 models, let us see if it’s really worth trying.

Product unpacking

The box contains the water flosser, large water tank, 5 professional nozzles, USB-C charging cable, storage bag and instruction manual.

Intuitive experience

The moment I got the SKD01, it felt different. The shape design is simple yet stylish, and it fits me perfectly in my hand. From its streamlined body, i can feel the designer’s intentions.

technological innovation

This model uses ultrasonic microbubble technology to create countless tiny bubbles that penetrate deep into the teeth and easily carry away food debris, making each rinse a tiny feast. Moreover, its water pressure design is very user-friendly, from soft to strong, eight-level water pressure can be adjusted, suitable for a variety of different oral needs. This is thanks to SIILLK’s self-developed pumps. In order to more carefully tune the relevant parameters.

Flushing capacity

Depending on the amount of user feedback, there are two main highlights:

1. Every time you use it after a meal, you can immediately feel the freshness of your mouth.

2. Equipped with a variety of professional rinsing heads, whether it is the gum edge or the hard-to-reach back of the teeth, can be thoroughly cleaned. In particular, the tongue coating cleaning head completely solves the problem of bad breath.

Battery Life

It is worth mentioning that the battery life of this water flosser is amazing. Only a single charge can be used for a long time, thanks to our use of large-capacity batteries and circuit optimization to achieve the purpose of power saving, which is a happiness for people who often travel or travel. In addition, this product can also be equipped with a storage bag, so that it is easy to carry and keep your mouth clean during travel.

Intelligent Design

I was also impressed by its smart design. The HD smart display can display the power status at any time, and you no longer have to worry about interrupting the cleaning due to insufficient power. Moreover, it has intelligent timing protection function, if not used for a short period of time, it will automatically stop, such details make people feel warm.


A variety of specialized nozzles are available in the package, including: standard nozzles, periodontal pocket nozzles, orthodontic nozzles and plaque nozzles. Each has different shapes and functions, and can be professionally cleaned for various oral problems.

Functions Features

The high frequency pulses of SIILLK’s SKD01 water flosser produce a strong water column of 1,600 times per minute to clean food debris, plaque and stains between your teeth. The adjustable impulse range of 50-110psi, from mild to strong, can also meet individual cleaning needs.

Moreover, the water flosser also has an intelligent pressure regulator function, which automatically detects water pressure compensation during use, and can keep the water flow stable even in the case of low power, which will not affect the clean use.

Usage Experience

The water flosser from SIILLK comes in five cleaning modes: gentle, standard, pulse, point and DIY, each corresponding to a different water pressure impulse. According to your own oral sensitivity and oral gum condition, if you are using the recommended standard or pulse mode for the first time, especially the pulse mode strong and weak water alternating will produce a massage feeling, will make people very comfortable! In addition, there is a user-friendly design, each time the water pressure will be used in 3 seconds from weak to strong, so that the mouth has a process of adaptation, avoid irritating the gums.


SIILLK is a brand that attaches great importance to the coexistence of design and technology, and the appearance level and application technology of its products are generally high. For example, this SKD01 dental flusher still continues the fresh and simple design of the SIILLK brand, which is very suitable for both the bedroom and the bathroom.

Water flosser can clean the mouth more comprehensively, reduce the incidence of dental disease, is a good cleaning tool, so it has been widely supported by dentists. However, when we buy, we must choose high-quality professional brands like SIILLK and good dental and gingival care experience, avoid those brands with low dental care force and cross-border big brands without professional core technology research and development, avoid causing harm to our mouth, in order to better achieve oral care effect!

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