Can Water flosser replace traditional dental floss?

Whether water floss can replace ordinary floss, the answer is not. If you can only choose one of the two, it is recommended that your friends choose floss, if there are conditions and time, of course, it is recommended that you choose both.

Why water floss can not completely replace floss, because sometimes the teeth are relatively tight, floss to the inside of the two teeth when the diameter is small, you can go in, the use of toothpaste lubrication, its effect and no friction is not the same. So when you can floss and floss sticks, then think about flossing with water.

Many friends think that the tooth punch is not the water spray? You can clean it by putting it in your mouth. If you buy an unreasonable design of the teeth, in addition to insufficient cleaning, it may also cause damage to the tooth enamel, and serious damage to the gums, leading to periodontitis.

The ability of the water flosser to clean the mouth is restricted by many technical factors, such as motor level, power management system, nozzle, water line and so on. Some of the low quality of water flosser will save on cost and research and development, which will cause the motor speed to be unstable, the injection pressure is insufficient, and the flushing strength is weak, which directly leads to the lack of deep cleaning ability of the water flosser making you feel that the water flosser  is weak and not clean. Therefore, water floss cannot completely replace traditional floss.

Advantages and disadvantages of water floss

1.Advantages of water floss: First of all, water floss can effectively remove food debris between the teeth and gums, prevent the occurrence of dental stones and gingivitis; Secondly, water floss has less impact on the tooth surface and is not easy to damage the teeth and gums; In addition, it  is easy to operate, easy to carry, and suitable for family and travel use. In addition, water floss can also remove dental plaque, usually need to pay attention to oral hygiene habits, develop good eating habits is also very important, do not eat sweets, especially pay attention to the need to gargle after meals, oral care can take this way of maintenance, to protect oral , pay attention to check whether there are dental stones, You need to make sure you rinse your mouth after meals and brush your teeth before going to bed

2.Disadvantages of water floss:However, water floss is not a complete replacement for traditional floss, and its cleaning effect may not be as good as floss in some cases; In addition, water floss for gingival bleeding, periodontitis and other oral disease patients, may aggravate the condition, not suitable for long-term use; At the same time, the price of water floss is relatively high and may not be suitable for all groups of people.

Which is better, a dental irrigator or an electric toothbrush?

The role of the dental flusher is to carry out deep cleaning, brush the electric toothbrush to the dead corner position, washed out by the water, the dental flusher cleaning coverage is much higher than the electric toothbrush, but because the water does not directly rub with the tooth enamel, can not completely replace brushing.


Consumers need to be more careful when choosing a dental punch, and try to buy a dental punch with the right deep care technology, so that it can effectively clean the mouth and protect the teeth. The same goes for regular floss or an electric toothbrush.

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