Are Dental Irrigators Dangerous?

Are dental irrigators dangerous? In recent years, there have been more and more cases of tooth irrigators (also known as water flossers) hurting their teeth, which has discouraged many people and made them miss out on a protector. In fact, a professional high-quality dental irrigator is beneficial and harmless to people, but because many people do not understand it, they often make mistakes when purchasing products, which will eventually cause tooth damage. As the product development engineer of siillk brand dental irrigator, I am very sorry for this. Are dental irrigators dangerous? Today, I will give you an answer, and popularize the relevant knowledge of dental irrigators, and at the same time give feasible methods on purchasing dental irrigators.

First. Are dental irrigators dangerous?

Are dental irrigators dangerous? Unprofessional irrigators will bring a lot of harm to people! The quality of teeth of modern people is generally low. Over 90% of adults suffer from dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases (see the figure below), and the relative tooth tolerance is also weak. However, because the symptoms of dental disease are not obvious in the early stage, many people are sick without knowing it, thinking that their mouth is healthy. Are dental irrigators dangerous? In this case, choosing a dental irrigator at will, the hazards mainly include the following three aspects:

1. Excessive wear and tear of tooth enamel, causing toothache and tooth sensitivity.

2. Injury to the gums, frequent dental bleeding, cause gingival inflammation, and in severe cases lead to gingival recession.

3. To exacerbate the original oral diseases and seriously endanger oral health.

Second. The irrigator is harmful. Who is suitable for using the irrigator?

Are dental irrigators dangerous? We learned about the damage to its teeth. We also need to know that the irrigator has a certain applicable group of people, and not everyone can use it. Only if the individual situation is suitable for the user, can the right product be purchased without causing injury to the teeth.

So who is suitable for using the irrigator? In fact, most of them can use the irrigator. Specifically, they can be divided into the following three groups:

1. Oral health population. This group of people is very suitable, the gums and teeth are healthy and free of disease, and there are no restrictions on use.

2. People with mild to moderate oral diseases. Oral diseases are very common in modern people. Research shows that the incidence of adult teeth exceeds 90%. Dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases occur frequently, and many dental diseases are not obvious until late. Many people mistakenly think that they are Teeth are healthy. Using a dental irrigator can effectively relieve symptoms and prevent the disease from getting worse.

3. Orthodontic population. The existence of orthodontic equipment and teeth will form a clean dead angle, which is difficult to clean, and will also bring extra burden to the gums and cause gum fatigue. The irrigator can perfectly solve these two problems, so it has become a must for orthodontic people. Prepare artifact!

Third. How to choose a dental irrigator to avoid the harm of tooth injury?

Are dental irrigators dangerous? For the irrigator users, after determining that they are suitable for the use of the irrigator, the key to whether the irrigator is harmful or not depends on whether the correct product is purchased. As long as you buy professional and high-quality products, you can completely avoid the harm of tooth damage. Therefore, the purchase of dental irrigators cannot be overemphasized!

So how can you choose a professional high-quality irrigator that suits you? Here are some shopping tips for you:

1. The merchant has technical strength. Manufacturers with technical strength are willing to invest money to develop products, and will repeatedly test and optimize the core performance, so that the products are perfectly compatible and match the current oral situation of modern people. Manufacturers without technical strength invest a lot of money in promotion and celebrity endorsements, without core technology and rich experience in oral care, and even OEM products.

2. The frequency and speed are appropriate. Don’t pursue too high frequency speed, it is easy to damage the teeth, and it is not good if it is too low, and the cleaning power is poor. Generally, 1200-1400 times per minute is enough.

3. The span of pressure range should be large. The larger the pressure range span, the better the adaptability to the real-time dynamic changes of the oral cavity, and the higher the oral compatibility of different groups of people.

4. The water jet is pulsed. Impulsive cleanliness and comfort are perfectly balanced, both excellent. Relatively speaking, the cleaning power of microbubbles is weak, and the impact of ultrasonic waves is large, which will over-stimulate the teeth.

5. The nozzle is complete and the material is excellent. It is necessary to configure multiple nozzles, which is convenient for use in orthodontics and periodontitis. In addition, the material should be approved for FDA food-grade certification, and inferior materials are prone to harm.

6. The effluent water column is fine. The finer the water, the stronger the cleaning ability of various parts of the mouth, and the better the tooth protection effect.

Fourth. Do dentists support the use of irrigators by ordinary people?

Are dental irrigators dangerous? As long as the problem of product selection is solved, the dental irrigator is beneficial to people and can be used with confidence.

For ordinary people, it is very necessary to use a dental irrigator. Now the proportion of people suffering from periodontitis is as high as 80%. In addition to complex oral problems such as tooth decay, filling, and tooth sensitivity, more than 90% The teeth of the above people belong to the sub-health state but do not know it! If you use a dental irrigator, you can improve this situation, prevent the disease from getting worse, and save everyone from severe oral disease. The majority of professionals, such as dentists, also recommend and support everyone’s use.

In fact, a professional and high-quality dental irrigator has many benefits to people. In general, it has the following four benefits:

1. Make up for the blind spot of toothbrush cleaning, comprehensively clean gingival sulcus, interdental and other high-risk areas of dental disease, remove dental plaque, and prevent oral diseases from the source.

2, massage the gums, relieve bleeding, toothache symptoms, improve oral health.

3. It solves the problems of difficult oral cleaning and easy fatigue of gums for orthodontic people. It is an essential auxiliary treatment artifact for orthodontic people.

Fifth. Maintain oral hygiene, freshen breath, and whiten teeth.

At this point, my popular science is over. There are a lot of dry goods. It not only answered the question of whether the dental irrigator is harmful, but also explained the reasons for the harm and the applicable population, but the point is only one, that is how to Buying a dental irrigator that suits you, I hope you will experience the key parts repeatedly and use them proficiently, so that your personal oral care level will reach a new level!

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