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Why choose SIILLK as your supplier?

High Quality: Quality is the most important requirement of a product. In order to ensure that only the highest quality products are provided, SIILLK’s products are designed and developed by a team located in the United States and produced by a production base in China. From the beginning of research and development to sales, the entire production process is under the strict quality management system of Shenzhen Siillk Technology Co.,LTD.

Quality Control:SIILLK factory has a complete ISO9001 quality control system to ensure high quality. Our quality inspection is 100% outgoing inspection and 10% spot inspection during manufacturing

Production base: SIILLK’s production base in China has various production and testing equipment, a strong engineering management technical team, more than 500 first-line production teams, 20,000 square meters of production and storage space, all-weather production operations, large capacity, and timely delivery , the daily production capacity of assembly can reach more than 50,000 pieces.

Competitive price: The SIILLK China production base has its own production line and R&D team, and can provide one-stop product design, R&D and production services. Can effectively control customer product costs.

Our Factory Capabilities

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That's where Siillk comes in......

  • Easier and more effective than regular products.
  • Removes plaque, bacteria and tartar almost twice as effectively as other types of products.
  • No medications or potentially harmful chemicals are required. Use boiled water, mineral water or other whitening products to achieve significant results.
  • Promote bleeding gums and periodontal pocket healing
  • Cleaning braces, bridges, crowns and implants is better than brushing and flossing alone.
  • Easily cleans below the gum line where brushing and flossing can’t reach
  • Reduces inflammation of gum tissue.
  • Helps with healing after dental surgery.
  • Effectively removes tobacco stains left on teeth caused by smoking

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