Macron color portable water flosser

It took half a year to communicate with the customer about the design, from sketch modeling to mold casting and production.
This is also the first dental rinser customized by a customer OEM.
The products follow the appearance style preferred by young women, and are mainly in fresh macaron colors. Both function and use are focused on portability, efficiency and ease of operation, adding more convenience to busy life.

This dental rinser is compact and compact. The nozzle is stored in the water filling port. The water tank is designed to be pull-out and has a water capacity of up to 180ML. The buttons are on/off key, gear button, the four gears are just waiting and a power indicator light.
The design process went through many appearance modifications and prototype and mold modifications before the trial production prototype was finally implemented and the final plan was determined. It has now entered mass production mode.

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