Dental Portable 360ML UV Water Flosser

The Portable Water Flosser and picker is an affordable choice for dental care for everyone who cares for fresh breath and youthful smile…

Cordless UV function rechargeable portable water flosser for teeth, gums, braces care and travel,

After-sales Service Provided: Return and Replacement
Application: Car, Outdoor, Hotel, Commercial, Household
Power Source: usb, Electric
App-Controlled: NO
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Private Mold: Yes
Type: Water Flosser Oral Irrigator water pik
Brand Name: SIILLK
Model Number: SKT-101
Keywords: Water Flosser Electric Dental
Water pressure: 50-120PSI
Certificate: CE ROHS FCC F.D.A
Material: ABS+PC
Water tank capacity: 360ML Removable
Waterproof: IP X7
Modes: 4 Models+1 UV
Battery Capacity: 1300MAh
Charge Time: 3Hours
Pulse Frequency: 1700 Times/min

About this Product

This water flosser is independently designed by SIILLK and incorporates our latest water pump technology, which can provide continuous power jet water to take good care of your teeth. It blasts over 60 jets of water per second, cleaning teeth and pushing dirt out in nanoseconds. Completely cordless, no need for an additional water tank as it has a built-in water tank for continuous use. Easy to fill directly from the tap, and no charging required as it runs on batteries. It’s also completely portable, making it perfect for travel.

Flossing becomes an easy addition to your oral care routine rather than a chore. SIILLK’s JC360 water flosser product features 6 different cleaning modes and 3 dedicated flossing heads, providing a refreshingly simple cleaning experience for every situation.

The areas between teeth can account for up to 35% of plaque buildup and can be a major contributor to gingivitis, which can lead to gum disease if left untreated. Multiple clinical studies now link gum disease and inflammation to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, lung infections, osteoporosis, and even some cancers! SIILLK is expertly designed to help prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold in hard-to-reach areas and promote overall gum health.

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